Benefits of Cat Water Fountains

What are the benefits of a water fountain for cats and how does such a device help to avoid dehydration of your pet and its health problems in a long term?

cat drinking tap water

Cats often can be observed how they enjoy drinking water from a running tap. It seems that they prefer driniking running water more than still water. In nature running water is much cleaner and fresher than still water. This is why most higher developed animals prefer running water. Cats are originally desert animals designed to get most of the water they need from the prey they eat. But even then they need additional drinking water to maintain a healthy fluid balance in their body.

Domestic cats often get dry food which contains not more then 10% water. In comparison, fresh meat contains approx. 75% water, whereas canned cat food about 70-80%. Cats that eat mainly dry cat food run the risk of becoming dehydrated what may in a long term cause serious health problems. That’s why it is crucial to encourage your cat to drink sufficient amounts of water.

Here’s where a cat water fountain comes into play since it meets the cats natural instinct of drinking preferably running water.

Thus the benefits of water fountain for cats are:

  • It stores a substantial quantity of drinking water available for the cat at every instance
  • It provides running water that encourages the cat to drink
  • Due to in-built filters the water is clean and sound
  • It’s aerated and of a bubbly texture because of the constant flow
  • Your cat gets to drink a sufficient amount of water daily what supports staying healthy and vital

These are the main benefits of a pet drinking fountain. If you’re concerned about the health and longevity of your cat – and I take for sure you are – then obtaining a cat water fountain for your pet is something to consider.

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