Which Is The Best Water Fountain For Cats?

water fountain for catsMany people may think that it is a luxury to provide a cat drinking water fountain that offers running water to the pet. However, there are some good reasons that can be cited in support of the vets recommending the use of a pet drinking fountain.

There are a number of health concerns that can be met with the use of such a device. It is important that as a cat owner you have a clear understanding of the features that you need to look out for when making the choice of the best cat water fountain that matches the needs of your pet. Learn the most important aspects you need to consider when chosing the right one.

Features of the Best Water Fountains for Cats

cat water drinking fountain

A pet fountain with clean and fresh running water encourages the cat to drink more water. This way it helps the cat in staying hydrated and thus helps in avoiding various health issues.

The major health issues caused due to dehydration include kidney problems and urinary tract infections. The best pet water fountains feature a quiet motor. Selecting a pet fountain with a quiet motor is important because noise can put-off the cat and might even frighten or dissuade it from drinking.

It is also important to go for a fountain that can be cleaned very easily. There is no use going for a pet fountain that takes a very long time to clean. Go for the one that can easily be washed in the dishwasher. Apart from this, you must try going for a fountain with easily changeable filter.

It is also important to note that the best water fountains for cats are the ones with large water-holding capacity. They should possess the ability of holding sufficient water for keeping the cat hydrated for a very long time. Finally, make it a point to always go for an economical and durable cat water fountain.

This is what you need to look for when choosing a Cat Water Fountain:

  • Clean and fresh running water
  • A quiet motor
  • Easy changeble filter
  • Easy cleaning of the device
  • Large water-holding capacity
  • Economical and durable 

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